IFC Information & FAQs

IFC Information & FAQs

The Interfraternity Council is the umbrella organization that serves 17 fraternities at Mississippi State. With a rich history centered around leadership, service, and scholarship, chapters expect their members to live by these values daily. The Interfraternity Council is home to 1,800 students. Chapters can provide a home away from home for students looking for academic support, community service opportunities, and leadership and personal development during their time at Mississippi State.

Day 1 - Recruitment Orientation
Food will be served and opportunity to meet with chapter members.
What to Wear: Polo and Shorts

Day 2 - Chapter Visits
What to Wear: Polo and Shorts
PNMs select up to 8 chapters

Day 3 - Chapter Visits (Recreation Day)
What to Wear: Athletic Attire
PNMs select up to 3 chapters

Day 4 - Food Night
What to Wear: Collared Shirt/Button Down, Khakis/Slacks

Day 5 - Bid Day 
Students accept bids on CampusDirector

Chapters are allowed to recruit and extend bids at any time outside of the formal recruitment process. Students are able to accept bids or invitations to join an IFC fraternity at anytime.

Fall Formal IFC Fraternity Recruitment takes place the weekend following the first day of class.

A Greek letter organization characterized by a ritual, badge and strong ties to friendship and moral principles. Fraternities help develop their members personally, socially, and professionally for life after college.

Fraternity recruitment, previously known as “rush,” is the process of fraternities seeking new members. Fraternity recruitment at Mississippi State occurs in August (fall recruitment) and February (spring recruitment). There is also an informal bidding process in which fraternities can extend bids to prospective members at any time. Fraternities will hold events ranging anywhere from dinners to golf outings and white-water rafting trips throughout the year. During this time, potential new members have the opportunity to meet members of individual chapters. This process can potentially allow one to receive a bid from a fraternity. Outside of the formal process, an informal bid allows one to sign with a chapter without going through the formal recruitment process.

Please note, all potential new members must register and pay the bid acceptance fee to accept a bid. If you receive an informal bid from a fraternity but are not sure, it’s the right fit for you, no problem! During formal recruitment, one will meet members from every chapter, tour houses, and build relationships with chapter members.

You are not required to attend summer recruitment events. These events are opportunities provided by the individual chapter to get to know prospective members. Chapters must abide by The Mississippi State Student Code of Conduct at all recruitment events.

A letter of recommendation is a form filled out by an alumnus of a fraternity on behalf of a potential new member. The recommendation letter generally speaks about your character and verifies accomplishments, grades, and involvement. The alumnus should refer to the national website of his affiliation for more information on these forms as they vary. Letters of recommendation are completely optional and are not required for you to participate in the recruitment process. Recommendation letters generally need to be received by the chapters no later than August 1st.

A legacy is typically a brother, son, or grandson of a fraternity alum. However, each chapter has different requirements for considering a potential new member a legacy.

No, no one is ever guaranteed a bid to a fraternity. Ultimately, the individual potential new member’s personality, character, resume, grades, etc., are the main determining factors for membership selection.

Although most students who participate in recruitment at MSU do join a fraternity, it is not required. The formal recruitment process is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow MSU students and build relationships.

Registration for recruitment opens June 1st and closes the day recruitment begins. You may register at www.greeks.msstate.edu. Any student that accepts an informal bid to a fraternity must still register and pay the bid acceptance fee.

There is no fee to participate in the formal recruitment process.

After you register online, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the Director of Recruitment, at 662-325-2930 or ifcrecruitment@saffairs.msstate.edu.

Each fraternity has a grade point average requirement specific to the organization. Typically, the average to extend a bid is a 2.2.75-grade point average.

Academic performance is a standard within the fraternity community; therefore, grades are a significant factor in the membership selection process. However, academics are only one of those factors.

Every chapter has a required weekly meeting where you will receive information on chapter events. Weekly academic hours, brotherhood activities, community service projects, and social events are also potential time commitments.

Mississippi State University requires you to live in the residence halls your freshman year. Each fraternity has its own policy regarding living in the chapter house. Most chapters at MSU require members to live in the house for one academic year.

Yes. If you join a fraternity that offers a meal plan, Mississippi State allows you to change from the Unlimited Meal Plan to the Weekly 7 Meal Plan.

The Weekly 7 Meal Plan is less expensive than other meal plans because you will also be paying for a meal plan with your chapter. Once you join a fraternity, visit Dining Services’ website at https://msstatedining.campusdish.com to change your meal plan. Your meal plan will not change unless you complete the Meal Plan Change form.

Our chapters range anywhere from $400-$2,500 per semester. The cost of each fraternity varies from chapter to chapter. Fraternity dues pay for a range of things such as meals, national dues, and fees, leadership schools, retreats, maintenance of the chapter house, yearly insurance, etc. The reason for the ranging costs associated with each chapter is that some chapter bills have a meal plan, new member fee, etc., included in the bill, while others may charge you separately or allow you to decide if you want to participate in that aspect of the fraternity. In other words, some chapters require you to purchase their meal plan, which would be included in your bill, while others allow you to decide if you want to eat meals at the fraternity house. Please visit www.greeks.msstate.edu for the most up-to-date and detailed information on fee structures for each chapter.

Chapters will have a table set up at the Organization Fair during Orientations and will be happy to answer questions you have regarding recruitment. Typically, fraternity houses are closed during the summer, so tours are not available. You will receive a tour of each house during the first few days of formal recruitment.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have! You may contact the following people regarding recruitment questions

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life: (662) 325-2930

Director of Recruitment | ifcrecruitment@saffairs.msstate.edu