Standards of Fraternal Excellence (SOFE)

Standards of Fraternal Excellence (SOFE)

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The Standards of Fraternal Excellence (SOFE) outlines the expectations for each chapter within the Fraternity & Sorority Life community at Mississippi State University. Each chapter will be evaluated by SOFE in order to meet minimum chapter expectations, strive for chapter excellence, and remain in good standing with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life (OFSL).

As an integral part of the campus community, sorority and fraternity organizations have a positive impact for members, alumni, and the local community. To ensure mutual success for the institution and the sorority and fraternity organizations, there must be trust and shared responsibility. This document outlines the commitments of Mississippi State University, the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life (OSFL), sorority and fraternity organizations, national/international organizations, sorority and fraternity volunteers, and student members.

OFSL will provide training, resources, and a chapter coach for all fraternal organizations to meet the SOFE requirements. Organizations not achieving minimum expectations will work in conjunction with OSFL to create plans for improvement and future success. Sororities and Fraternities recognized OSFL will be required to achieve these standards. All sorority and fraternity organizations will be given ample support in order to maintain compliance with these standards. OSFL will coordinate check-ins to assist the organization president and advisors in determining their progress to becoming a chapter of excellence.

These categories will determine the chapter standings for the following year. Chapters will be evaluated based on the calendar year, which coincides with the election cycle for most chapters. OFSL will conduct at annual review of the standards each fall term. The Standards of Fraternal Excellence are subject to change as our organizations continually improve. All chapters will be made aware of any changes prior to the start of the spring semester for the following year.                                


The points given for the standards reflect a comprehensive picture of a fraternity or sorority chapter. The Fraternity and Sorority Programs staff will utilize a predetermined points system that will be distributed to chapter presidents and advisors within the month of January.

Any chapter that does not have a recognized chapter facility is exempt from those standards that specifically deal with the management of a fraternity or sorority house and will have a different cumulative total of points than housed organizations.

Chapters that do not recruit/intake new members for a specific semester will abide the appropriate standards that apply to the chapter; and will have a different cumulative total of points.

Points will NOT be awarded for any standards that were met due only to requirements from a sanction (i.e., Community service hours, educational presentations, etc.).


Appropriate documentation can include chapter bylaws and constitution, flyers, publicity materials from events, social media, chapter minutes, excel spreadsheets, and other documentation as approved by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. Refer to “How to Submit” listed below for each standard.

Chapters that meet these standards will be recognized at the Ritter Awards Banquet.

The organization with the highest point total across the community will be awarded as the SOFE Chapter of the Year.


CHAPTER OF THE YEAR- The organization with the highest points total.

A CHAPTER- Organizations with >120 points

B CHAPTER- Organizations with 105-119 points

C CHAPTER- Organizations with 90- 104 points

Chapters that fall under 87 points (unsatisfactory standing) will work with OFSL to develop a performance improvement plan. All organizations that fall within this category will attend a meeting with OSFL and chapter leadership. During this meeting, representatives will discuss the previous years’ SOFE performance, an improvement plan, goals for the next year’s SOFE cycle, and an agreed upon coaching sessions for the upcoming year.